Lucy and her little friends. Last picture for Astrid’s story


Drawing a squid today. What a strange animal. It doesn’t take any effort to turn it into cartoon character, really. It is born to this…

Australian in London

Sample for Roger; maybe more of this stuff comes, maybe not. We shall see.

Medical Examination

Today’s illustration. Still pinned to my drawing board.

Little Tarsie Monkeys

A very special commission has arrived last month: I have drawn plenty of those little funny monkeys, but my favorite so far is Tarsie Dracula.

“Little Prince”

This is a present for a couple of our friends, who have just opened a restaurant – the name is “Little Prince” – next to the Ogrodzieniec castle. What’s most interesting about it, together with the restaurant they have organized a vintage motorcycle museum. They have amazing collection of bikes there. I hope this is going to be great success.

Mattie in gouache

My friend’s niece. She’s teenage now! I have drawn first picture for her when she was five or so.

Harley Davidson

…in watercolor, of all things. Such was the Author’s idea and I can only hope it will work well for her book.