This is one of the most characteristic spots in Jura Upland. The name of this window-shaped rock is “Okiennik”.  We’ve gone there for a walk lately and this is the result.

Mother Hulde


Mother Hulde, gouache and crayons. She is the one who makes snow. She lives in the bottom of the well and when she shakes her pillows, in real world it snows. This year she mostly sleeps on the floor, I belive. Almost no snow.

The Lion and The Unicorn


An exercise drawing inspired by “Through the Looking-Glass”. Pastel pencils and a little bit of white gouache

Blue Orchid


Here it is, all blue flowers are ready! This time, honest watercolor. No mixing.

Blue Iris


Next flower in the blue series…

Blue Lily


Now my family needs some blue flowers and here’s the first one in blue series…

Rose for Beata


My sis demanded another pink flower to complete the composition on the wall, so here it is…

New Year’s Resolution


“No way! You’re trying to ruin my New Year’s resolution”. A little ink drawing to start a new year. This is because I’ve got such problem myself. Some evil people have given me sweets for Christmas and now I feel the box of chocolates is watching me intently.