Joy of Ride


This is the famous frog from “Wind in the Willows”. True mixed media picture. It’s easier to say what is NOT used here: no oil paints for sure, since I do not own any.

Talking to Red Queen


One more round Alice picture… This is the Chess Queen from the second book, not the blood-thirsty Queen of Hearts.

Ivy Fairy


Mixed media drawing, a bit of everything but mostly Liquitex inks and pencils.



Watercolor picture based on a photo by Daykiney from DeviantArt. No real snowdrops here; too cold… Situation may change in a week or two. Things are going in right direction.

Alice In The Boat


My favourite scene from Through The Looking Glass story in ink and watercolor (mostly! I have used a little of denser paints to finish this). The circle was masked around with masking fluid, so this picture really looks this funny way; I have no idea how to fit it in any standard frame, but maybe I manage to pass this problem to someone else, together with the picture.

Dorothy Melts The Witch

xxmeltingNobody steals shoes from Dorothy! Acrylics, no watercolor. I’m glad I have managed to finish it. Acrylic paint is resistant (or so I feel about it). It takes time to get where I want to be with my picture.

The Camp


“Mom, Dad? I think there will be no sausages…” This is what happens when a family camps in wild woods, where fauns are not quite extinct yet. Color inks on watercolor paper.