Inktober Day 31


My last Inktober drawing this year: Day 31, “Friends”. Day 31 is tomorrow, so I’m a bit early with this.

Inktober Day 29


One of these bad days in Three Little Pigs House… Inktober Day 29, topic: surprise.

Inktober Day 21: Big


“Hey, havent you told me this place is full of huge snakes?” Black, raw sienna and blue ink. Almost fullcolor!

Inktober Day 19

xxinktober19Topic: Flight. “You will never learn if you don’t try!”

Inktober Day 17

xxxinktober17Topic: Battle.  My title: Acorn vs Chestnut. Umbra and black ink, like before.

Inktober 2016. Relaxed

xxinktober15And here’s the yesterday’s drawing. “Relaxed”. Umbra and black ink.