Little Mouse In Teacup

Here’s the alternative; Jan likes this one more, even if it’s not so very typical field mouse. And talking about mice; my husband found a very beautiful apartament in outer wall, when he was taking the plaster down; it was  in empty space between trunks. Two rooms, one partially filled with corn.  Must be bedroom and dining room. Well, the wall got seriously rebuilt, so this mouse probably won’t be able to come back. It must be very angry now.

ink, pastels, crayons
ink, pastels, crayons

The Mouse Who Has Fallen Into a Teacup

The Mouse Who Has Fallen Into a Teacup

This mouse is a character from a fairytale by Jan Andre Kallestad, but I think it will be my mouse, and for Jan I’ll draw another; he would like to have more childish-style mouse, smaller and funnier animal with bigger ears. So, there will be one more teacup drawing soon. All heaters hang on walls; we are happy.

Back To Pirate Ship

Two things completed today: next pirate picture is finished  and cupboard is prepared for painting. I wonder if this renovation will ever end.Pirates


A new series of illustrations for Jan; no more ghost stories, these are fairytales. First story is about  snowflakes, who sit up there in a cloud and have a lot to discuss before they make the big jump. They have beautiful names like Kristin or Astri, so they are all girls. SnowflakesInk, crayons and computer; I’ve made it more blue then it really was.

Evening Home

This week the house has been one big mess, now things are more or less OK. New heaters hang on walls. Most walls are painted. Most furniture back in place. Kitchen still out of use, so I have to  cook on verandah. Not much different then cooking under tents; with a bit of good will, you may even consider this to be a holiday attraction.  This is the only drawing I’ve made this week, late evening, when cleaning was over. I think I want to be this mouse.

crayons, ink
crayons, ink

Thinking Hard

The pirates have a problem to solve. They are expected to be creative, poor things.



My Kitchen

This is what you get when you live in old house and one day you have crazy idea you’ll try to scrap some loose paint from walls. Everything was

Shopping Cart Takes Shape

Shayla decided we shall go with 3d model this time! Here’s the first sample illustration.

Shopping Cart