The Peacemaker

This is comissioned by nobody, I just had such idea; a little girl drawing a line of demarcation, pulling apart natural enemies. I know I’d rather do some serious work… but it’s  Sunday, and the day was too beautiful to be wasted. Besides, our younger son is going back to Cracow tonight, and the elder one is  already there; last day of September is the last day of summer holiday for university students. (Is it so everywhere in the world, or just here? I’ve no idea.) This means less time in kitchen and more time with laptop, up from tomorrow.Cat And Mouse Demarcation Lline

Top Model

And here’s the troublesome comission… this time something closer to the world of fashion illustration then to Wonderland. And fashion illustration surely is not my natural environment! Still, I’ve promised I will try. I wonder if this will hang on a fridge.  I’ve read it’ s a great way to get thinner; to place a photo of a very slim girl on the fridge  door (by the way, why haven’t I tried yet?)

Talking Flowers

InDesign book suddenly stopped to be any trouble;  I’ve reached two chapters, where there are almost no changes. My job is limited, basically, to replacing CS5 with CS6 – there’s not much more to do. Well, these two chapters will not make me rich; the quantity of new text matters, when it comes to paying. But at least I have more time. So I can  draw a comission or two, at last.  I’ve started with the simplest picture, of course (and who starts with the worst thing awaiting?)  I’ve already made quite a few Wonderland scenes before, so it’s just like coming back home.  This is the scene with Talking Flowers (this rose was nasty!) in the garden on the other side of the mirror. Alice on the Other Side of the Looking Glass


Renata’s lemon-and-crocodile fairytale is over, now I’m free to draw what I like (after  cooking dinner, washing up, walking the dogs and finishing my daily 15 pages of InDesign book I currently update to CS6 version, of course). I’ve invented this creature late at night; perfect time to be creative.  He developed a trunk for touch screens, not feeding; he feeds by USB. He’s keen blogger, forum user and SMS sender. Now you know who writes all this stuff.

Happy end of the crocodile fairytale. Imagine, it’s a big lemon who saves the royal family… the witch is alergic to lemon juice.

I’m still not sure what exactly crocodiles do in this story, anyway first they had worked for the witch, and later they became young prince’s friends. The picture illustrates the last lap of the journey.

The prince is travelling with his friends (a squirrel in a hat is one of them) and trying to avoid traps; the witch wants to stop him. The table is one of traps, of course.  Renata has planned 8 or 9  illustrations more and I start to be scared of the size of this project…

Young Prince’s Hiding

Next illustration to Renata’s fairytale. The prince  is diguised as a girl and working hard in the castle, which used to belong to his father, but now it belonges to the witch. Soon he decides he can’t stand it any more and he will go to look for a wizard, in order to breake the spell that holds his parents. I had to check vocabulary twice to write this summary 🙂