Cactus Knud in the box

Here it is! I got some photos of the final book. And I think it looks quite good!


Little Boy in Pastel Pencils

Little George

Another scene from “Rabbit Hill”…

A Messenger

A scene from “City of Ember”. Messenger girl in a red jacket. Just for fun.

Poinsettia, A Christmas flower

Just the right season for it. A little picture for my sis.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas to you, from me and my bat foundation. It was a bat year for me

Rabbit Hill

Classic story I have just started to read

The Last Cactus Picture

And how it is made… Scroll down to see the result. This is the last picture in this series, a little bonus for the Author. Have a great start, Cactus Knud!

Lucy Doll

Astrid and Lutz are doing great job in marketing field. They even have a Lucy doll for Lutz to take with, when he is meeting young readers. I wish I could watch it!