Medical Examination

Today’s illustration. Still pinned to my drawing board.

Little Tarsie Monkeys

A very special commission has arrived last month: I have drawn plenty of those little funny monkeys, but my favorite so far is Tarsie Dracula.

“Little Prince”

This is a present for a couple of our friends, who have just opened a restaurant – the name is “Little Prince” – next to the Ogrodzieniec castle. What’s most interesting about it, together with the restaurant they have organized a vintage motorcycle museum. They have amazing collection of bikes there. I hope this is going to be great success.

Mattie in gouache

My friend’s niece. She’s teenage now! I have drawn first picture for her when she was five or so.

Harley Davidson

…in watercolor, of all things. Such was the Author’s idea and I can only hope it will work well for her book.

Bat Sketches

Lesser horseshoe bat in children-friendly version

Lucy and baloons

Astrid’s new book project. The girl is Lucy. The baloon lady is her teacher. She’s not going to look this way all the time, but now she does.

Bat Tower

Amazing, but this fairytale landscape is not made for a fairy book. It’s for a serious ecological foundation. They build towers for bats, to give them safe space to live. Not enough natural shelters any more.

Bat tower at night
Bat tower at the sunset